Sunday, 23 January 2011

Creature Attack at Ravensbourne

Here is the second term project during my 2nd year of my course. We brief was to put cg into live action. I was director of the group and we created this video where we get chased around our uni by a creature!

During this project I designed, modeled and textured the creature that in the end kills me and the group. I also was lighting artist during the project!

 I am really happy with the outcome. As in the 8 weeks we had to do this we managed to get it all done to a good standard. We modeled, rigged, filmed, tracked, animated and composted everything ourselves.

Below are some more final renders for the film and a WIP image of the creature.

Here is the blog that shows my work throughout the project!

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Here is some final images and the turntable for a project that I did for a Uni project. The character was based on a brief that wanted a Claymation style Character. The character had to be an old Zoo keeper that was a patriotic Scotsmen that loved Poo. It had to be lower that 100k polys. I played on the fact that the brief didn't state that the character had to be human so I made him an old goat. I played with simple modeling and texturing in zbrush as the shape was the main thing I wanted to play with as claymation isn't complicated looking characters, so tried to make it as simple as possible. I am fairly happy with the outcome. I spent about a 8 days spread out to finish this project, I plan to take it a lot further and try make it a realistic style character with fur and better textures. Unfortunately youtube has lowered the quality of the render and had to render out at a lower level to get it rendered for the deadline.