Monday, 28 June 2010


These are Renders of my Musicman bass! Still needs some teek but am happy with the outcome so far. The render of the head of the bass came out strange but gives you a quick view at what it looks like.

Optimus Prime so Far

Here is a Render of My optimus Prime. Still needs loads of work as its only a concept model to get the proportions etc. So will keep you updated when I get some of the sections finished. (modelling each part again! :P)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Work in Progress!

Well first post has to be a WIP! at the moment I am on Scott Eatons Anatomy Course and will be then going onto his advanced Zbrush Sculpting Course. So at the moment I am sculpting a Male body for a Gladiator. I had a completed body but Zbrush decided to make it impossible to export and corrupted. So Here is a Image of the chest as it stands. This most likely will change everyday but its all good practice!